2019 Top 5 Most Viewed Sambalpuri Language Video On Youtube

Hey friends ! How are you all. Lets read something crazzy and interesting. You know now a days sambalpuri language has got more popularity in all over the world. So now almost sambalpuri music have created its own place in the music world. So you have seen so many sambalpuri artists, so many brands, so many youtubers who are working for sambalpuri industry now a days. Now a days the industry which was working as a non profit indutry has became a profitable industry and can give work to artists on their quality. So todaylets talk about the youtube charm regarding the sambalpuri language content. You have seen so many youtube sambalpuri videos. But the thing is that in 2019 have all videos got the popularity as like touching the sky or else only few of them. We will only discuss about top 5 most viewd popular sambalpuri muci video which are released on youtbe in the year 2019.


No 5:  Udajahaj FULL VIDEO | Sambalpuri Music Video Song | Amitav | Suman | Madhab | 2019

Video Name: Udigaa Udajahaj

Youtube Channel: Everything For U

Time: 8 Months Ago

Views: 9.1 Millions

Singer: Madhav Bhai



Video Name: Slow Motion (Origional Video)

Youtube Channel: Starlight Production

Time: 5 Months Ago

Views: 10 Millions

Singer: Humann Sagar


No 3:  Slow Motion (Sambalpuri Dance) Human Sagar & Asima Panda Abinash Mishra Bapi Sahu

Video Name: Slow Motion (Studio version)

Youtube Channel: Starlight Production

Time: 6 Months Ago

Views: 12 Millions

Singer: Humann Sagar & Asima Panda


No 2:  Mor Sona Full Music Video | Mantu Chhuria | Aseema Panda | New Sambalpuri Song 2019

Video Name: Mor Sona

Youtube Channel: Mantu Chhuria Official

Time: 8 Months Ago

Views: 13 Millions

Singer: Mantu Chhuria & Asima Panda


No 1:  Sambalpuri Mahuaa | Mantu Chhuria | New Sambalpuri Song 2019

Video Name: Sambalpuri Mahua

Youtube Channel: Mantu Chhuria Official

Time: 11 Months Ago

Views: 27 Millions

Singer: Mantu Chhuria


So these are the most viewed sambalpuri music videos of the year 2019. In 2020 also we are hoping for some more music videos with best quality in each and every field. Till that time all the best to whole music industry of Odisha.